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#188: Endgame and Game of Thrones are what everyone will be talking about this month. The team discusses cultural competency and whether or not it’s important to know about what people are enjoying.

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00:01:30 – Intro / Announcements

00:21:59 – Gatekeeping

00:22:33 – Critical Core Promo

00:26:59 – Media Matters

00:37:21 – Geek Therapy

00:43:15 – Community Catch-Up/Wrap-Up

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I had every intention of talking way more about cultural competency but it just turned into us gushing about stuff we were excited about. I cut almost 15 minutes from this episode. :joy:

Hi everyone!
Lidia here! It was super exciting to hear my name as a new patreon supporter!
Not sure I am gonna give any good impression to the community by saying this, BUT, here it goes!

  • I also haven’t yet seen The Shining but I think the symbols at this point are pretty universal. Just happened to talk about it yesterday after seeing it referenced on a youtube video about media literacy.
  • I survived for like 6 years without knowing how Harry Potter ended. I do think I intentionally made an effort on blurring every possible spoiler memory. But the top technique was closing eyes put my hands on the hears singing “lalalala” very loud hahaha
  • And I am still totally ignoring Game of Thrones to the dissapointment of most of my friends and family hahaha. I honestly believe there might be a time in which I will, but I think after watching the Gantz anime I decided I’d never watch anything that would make me go through that again. So, will see!

Anyway, really fun to hear you all talking about these things and especially funny to realise how many big things I still haven’t catched up on.

Looking forward to chat with you more around here!
Best from Barcelona!


Thank you for checking in Lidia! I’m very bad at avoiding spoilers and I’m even worse and forgetting spoilers once I learn them. :sob: But it mostly has to do with the type of content I consume. I listen to a lot of podcasts and watch YouTube so I think it’s much harder to avoid spoilers when even the thumbnails have spoilers in them. I really do enjoy being a part of the moment when everyone else is experiencing something. I love those conversations more than the content itself.

Me too! But I think at some point the amount of content I was missing became so overwhelming that I decided to step away from it. So no twitter and pretty much no media feeds anywhere!
Just coffee talk! I think it’s easier that way :stuck_out_tongue: