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Los Angeles, CA – Publisher TOKYOPOP focuses attention on BIPOC characters and creators in international manga for Black History Month as it highlights notable new titles under its Noir Caesar distribution partnership. 

Noir Caesar Entertainment is a black-owned and operated indie creative company that supports and nourishes content from marginalized communities across various media. Noir Caesar Entertainment was founded by pro athlete and entrepreneur, Johnny O’Bryant, who grew up a fervent lover of comics, anime, and manga. He attended Louisiana State University and was drafted into the NBA. But his passion for anime and manga never diminished and led to him developing original stories by BIPOC creators. 

To mark the release of the new manga titles ORDINAL TEMPEST and TRY AGAIN, TOKYOPOP has posted new social media and YouTube segments by the popular BIPOC multimedia creator and spokesperson, Alia Pyatt (AKA magicalblackgirlalia), featuring commentary from Johnny O’Bryant III and TRY AGAIN writer and NOIR CAESAR editor, Marcus Kwabena. Both titles are available now. 

Black Representation in Manga | Ordinal Tempest | Noir Caesar | Alia Pyatt / magicalblackgirlalia

ORDINAL TEMPEST | Noir Caesar | Alia Pyatt / magicalblackgirlalia | Black History Month

TRY AGAIN | Noir Caesar | Alia Pyatt / magicalblackgirlalia

“I think comic books have always been a medium, similar to television, where people want to see themselves as the superhero character or the fantasy character,” says Johnny O’Bryant III in the first segment. “Whether you be Black, Asian, Brown, White, or European, I think when you get into a story you want to see someone that looks like you or someone that is relatable. That’s what we are trying to do at Noir Caesar.”

“Black history shouldn’t be seen as something that is set apart from world history or apart from world or American cultures,” adds Marcus Kwabena. “It’s very much ingrained in it and much like our work at Noir Caesar, we want to bring and highlight diversity and representation, not only by way of the color and ethnicity of our characters but also via the different genres you see them featured in. For us it’s about making sure that we can assist that young kid, or adult, and help them see themselves reflected in the artworks and genres they love so much.” 

“TRY AGAIN follows Danielle Burroughs, a well-known hitman in the Cacciatore Guild,” says Alia Pyatt in the dedicated segment above. “In an attempt to absolve her crimes, she ends up bound to a lord of hell and becomes an underworld hitman with demonic capabilities. This story is a supernatural thriller perfect for those seeking more dark and supernatural content.”

ORDINAL TEMPEST is a mecha-driven sci-fi action series that is available for the first time in-print and digitally. 

TRY AGAIN is an original manga-inspired graphic novel series about a hitwoman seeking to leave her violent past behind and start a new life.

ORDINAL TEMPEST, Volume 1, created by Marcus Kwabena, John Lawrence and Chris Krady, written by John Lawrence, art by Chris Krady ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 178 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427873279 ∙ For Teen Readers ∙ Available Now!

Humanity has discovered that it is not alone.

An anomaly once believed to be the key to understanding the secrets of the universe has instead become the catalyst for a conflict with creatures known as the Strata. It’s a conflict that threatens the existence of all life in the Universe. Piloting a towering biomechanical Symbiote known as an Intrepid, Fiora arrives on the front lines of the war against the Strata. Hoping to tuns the tide and extinguish the seemingly unstoppable blight on humanity, Fiora soon learns that a war is being waged within her as well.

TRY AGAIN, Volume 1, created by Will Brown, story by Marcus-Kwabena Johnson and John Lawrence, art by Win Delores · SRP: $13.99 · 164 pages · ISBN: 978-1427874054 · Available Now!

As a member of the Cacciatore Guild, Danielle Burroughs is one of the criminal underworld’s most renowned hitmen. Despite her success, memories from her past bleed into the present and force her to reconsider the life she now leads. Events are set in motion once she kills Emilio Francesca, her caretaker, but accidentally also kills his daughter, Lilio, in the process. She realizes that she’s had enough of this life, one now truly without meaning. Leaving it all behind, she soon realizes that even Death is no escape from her past.

TRY AGAIN is based on an original story idea created by Will Brown, a 15-year music producer with multiple award nominations for his work. His love for anime, games, and comics led him to co-found Noir Caesar Entertainment with former NBA player Johnny O’Bryant III and create this action-packed story. 

TRY AGAIN co-writer Marcus Kwabena Johnson is a four-time published comic and manga author. His love for storytelling and African folklore also drives his passion as a creator and is reflected in his works. John Lawrence is the lead writer for Try Again and he aims to bring out the very best Noir Caesar has to offer with his evocative characterization and mature presentation.

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