TOKYOPOP and NOIR CAESAR Announce Launch of the Gritty Crime and Redemption Saga – TRY AGAIN

Originally published at: TOKYOPOP and NOIR CAESAR Announce Launch of the Gritty Crime and Redemption Saga – TRY AGAIN -

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Los Angeles, CA – Publisher TOKYOPOP and Noir Caesar Entertainment, a black-owned indie creative company that supports and nourishes content from marginalized communities across various media, announce the release of TRY AGAIN, an original manga-inspired gritty crime and redemption saga that will launch on November 14th

TRY AGAIN is the latest Noir Caesar graphic novel to join the TOKYOPOP catalog, which also includes the coming-of-age martial arts drama, XOGENASYS, and the sci-fi adventure, PRIMUS 7, which were published by TOKYOPOP earlier this summer. TRY AGAIN will be published in-print and released digitally on major online comics platforms.

TRY AGAIN, Vol. 1, created by Will Brown, story by Marcus-Kwabena Johnson and John Lawrence, art by Win Delores ∙ SRP: $13.99 ∙ 164 pages ∙ ISBN: 978-1427874054 ∙ Available November 14th

As a member of the Cacciatore Guild, Danielle Burroughs is one of the criminal underworld’s most renowned hitmen. Despite her success, memories from her past bleed into the present and force her to reconsider the life she now leads. Events are set in motion once she kills Emilio Francesca, her caretaker, but accidentally also kills his daughter, Lilio, in the process. She realizes that she’s had enough of this life, one now truly without meaning. Leaving it all behind, she soon realizes that even Death is no escape from her past.

TRY AGAIN is based on an original story idea created by Will Brown, a 15-year music producer with multiple award nominations for his work. His love for anime, games, and comics led him to co-found Noir Caesar Entertainment with former NBA player Johnny O’Bryant III and create this action-packed story.
TRY AGAIN co-writer Marcus Kwabena Johnson is a four-time published comic and manga author. His love for storytelling and African folklore also drives his passion as a creator and is reflected in his works. John Lawrence is the lead writer for Try Again and he aims to bring out the very best Noir Caesar has to offer with his evocative characterization and mature presentation.

“For me, TRY AGAIN represents the internal struggle and ethics that many professionals often deal with,” says Marcus Kwabena Johnson.  “This is what makes Danielle so appealing as a character. We get to see her confront and wrestle her demons.”

“TRY AGAIN features a female BIPOC lead character who finds herself at a crossroads after leading a violent life,” says Noir Caesar co-founder, Johnny O’Bryant. “We invite comics and manga fans to dive into this dangerous and violent world, where nothing is as it seems, and join Danielle Burroughs as she searches for redemption, revenge, and a path to a new life.”

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