They're All Gonna Die

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#192: Endgame. Game of Thrones. A lot of our favorite characters have died or will die soon. Are we equipped to handle it? We talk about how to deal with the loss of these characters that matter to us, why they matter to us, and some of the most memorable and impactful deaths we care about.

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:sob::sob::sob: I think I’m handling this weekend well so far. It turned out that the positive things were the most overwhelming for me!

As my GF and I were listening to this podcast on our commute into work, we talked about funerals in media. I believe you guys talked about how death in different media can prepare you for real life, but funerals are one thing that tv shows and movies don’t seem to get exactly right. Not everyone is wearing black, people don’t wear those hats with black nets on, they don’t cover the grave right there and then in front of you, the whole ceremony isn’t just in the graveyard, etc. I remember like 6 years ago I hadn’t been to a funeral in a long time and I was worried about what I was going to wear. I remember asking, do I have to wear like all black? What if I wear a different color? How long will we be at the gravesite? I know a lot of that stuff is for cinematic purposes, but it definitely made my skewed my expectations vs what really happens.


Great point! A couple years ago a neighbor died and I was invited to the homegoing. And I had no idea what that was! According to Wikipedia: A homegoing (or home-going ) service is an African-American Christian funeral tradition marking the going home of the deceased to the Lord or to heaven. It is a celebration that has become a vibrant part of African American history and culture.

The event lasted all night in the hall of our apartment building. I’d never heard of something like this and I think it’s because of what you’re saying @LeiBenoit, I never saw it on tv. And since we don’t talk about death often, or what to do after, until it happens, we’re all missing out on the many different ways to grieve or hold funeral proceedings.

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