The Joys of Co-Op Gaming

Originally published at: The Joys of Co-Op Gaming - Headshots: The Psychology and Gaming Podcast

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#42: This episode of Headshots is actually episode #130 of another show on the Geek Therapy Network called GT Radio where talk about all the ways and reasons why we love co-op games. What are your favorite co-op gaming memories?

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It’s been a while since I listened to this episode, but I believe everyone (or almost everyone) present in this episode really enjoyed online co-op gaming, correct?

This came as a real surprise to me! I try to avoid online co-op gaming—especially with strangers—and have stopped playing a couple video games because of it. I get caught up in the other players perception of me and if I’m helpful, if I’m playing well, if I’m following their directions/understanding them correctly.
I always appreciate if an online game or MMO has the option to play solo throughout the main story without required help from other players.

On the other hand, I love couch co-op. I grew up with 3 siblings so the Nintendo 64 was a god-send for us as all four of us could play a multiplayer game together. We also spent many hours cooperating (or yelling at each other) with Dynasty Warriors 2 - 5. Good memories!

Totally feel you on this, When I play coop online I get caught up on if I’m being useful enough. My first mmo was Final Fantasy 11 when I was a teen. Its such a funny memory for me because I remember that at the time I was in love with the .hack// series and so I had some weird expectations of what the mmo experience was like. I wanted to have deep convos with people while playing. And I met someone who did that as well and I loved it, but the my school work caught up and I stopped playing and my pen pal kept leveling up beyond me. Then I tried to look for the same experience in others but they were just focused on fulfilling quests (which is only logical) so I was kinda dissapointed. Online coop never felt as amazing as couch coop to me but I definitely see how for some its a completely different experience.

Playing coop with my fiance is the best experience ever its a way we connect and just take time to dedicate to eachother whenever we can, wether its playing gungeon or terraria or switching controllers while playing Until Dawn.

@beth Oh yeah, we love co-op games! I mostly play with people I know unless the game doesn’t require communication. For example, I’ve played a lot of Destiny and Monster Hunter with strangers and never spoken to them. We all know the objective so we proceed and help each other out. I do not enjoy adversarial games where I’m competing against other people, unless it’s with friends.

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