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BONUS: We did it! We’ve finally launched our Disney-focused podcast! This is the first episode of our new show in which we apply the GT model to Disney content.

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I am so excited to see what you guys do with this podcast. I grew up on The Wonderful World of Disney, every Sunday night. It was there that I discovered the wonders of Medfield High and an amazingly young Kurt Russell. But as origin stories go, it’s much bigger than that. My Grandaddy was a Disney fan and he would take me every so often. My uncle worked on the land that Disney was building. Years later I am closer to my Grandaddys age. I see him whenever I look in the mirror. He was one of the most positive males in my life. I still feel a kinship or psychic connection with him when I go to Disney World. Prior to having a son, Suzi and I went to Disney almost every year. It can be cheesy, it can be a tourist trap,Walt may have a semi anti Semitic backstory, but his vision of allowing imagination to take flight, and chasing dreams pervades my life. The only paper I remember writing in elementary school was on Walt Disney. I believe I probably bleed Disney also, but if it’s in blood, then there are many other fandoms there as well.

Best wishes as you guys wish upon a Star!