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#175: The team talks about the spidersona hashtag on social media which has people sharing either creative versions of Spider-People from different universes or Spider versions of themselves. We think it’s a meaningful hashtag and a lot of fun. We took part and made our own spidersonas for this episode.

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00:00:00 – Intro / New on the Network

00:01:52 – Spidersonas

00:30:52 – Network Promo

00:31:26 – Media Matters

00:37:37 – Geek Therapy

00:48:54 – Community Catch-Up/Wrap-Up

Our Spidersonas:

![](upload://xDcqBLTedviCEHCTSPCHDrxNjmU.jpeg) ![](upload://y3tjD8EoDHhxJTRZtVMC7h3dKRk.jpeg) ![](upload://8ka5BoPVgGqD7JPuyszR1KU3HCC.jpeg) ![](upload://vOgRewEpdiS8Ra41eqUkFTa7dbP.jpeg)

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