Slotherhouse: When Cuteness Turns Deadly

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Author: Jorge Escobar

We’ve all seen videos of the adorable and incredibly slow-moving creatures known as sloths. With a top speed of 0.17 mph (when threatened), they’re hardly the stuff of nightmares. But the movie Slotherhouse challenges this perception in a thrilling way.

Emily Young, played by Lisa Ambalavanar, is a college senior in the sorority Sigma Lambda Theta. As she gears up to run for president in her final year, she acquires a sloth from an exotic pet seller, hoping it will boost her popularity. After a chat about betas and alphas with her friend and sorority sister, Zenny (Bianca Beckles-Rose), the sloth is aptly named Alpha. But as Emily’s popularity begins to soar with her new pet, a series of murders around the house point to Alpha as the prime suspect.

Directed by Matthew Goodhue and penned by Bradley Fowler and Cady Lanigan, Slotherhouse offers a unique tale of a killer sloth. The film uses practical effects to give Alpha a simultaneously cute and sinister appearance. If you’re expecting a purely serious horror film, think again. SPOILER ALERT: There are scenes, such as Zenny battling Alpha with a sword or even Alpha taking a drive, that add a comedic touch. END SPOILER.

With its diverse cast and engaging storyline, Slotherhouse is a horror-comedy that stands out. Notably, the film doesn’t adhere strictly to the “final girl” trope, offering a fresh take on horror conventions.

Slotherhouse is hitting theaters today, August 30, 2023, in New York and Los Angeles.

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Senior Emily Young wants to be elected sorority president. She adopts a cute sloth, thinking it will help her win, but a string of fatalities implicates the sloth.