SDCC Recap + Girl Toys For Boys

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#149: We share some of our favorite moments from San Diego Comic-Con, where Josué bought the 13th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver and realized he’d never bought a “girl toy” before.

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00:00:00 - Intro / SDCC Recap

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00:21:08 - Girl Toys for Boys

00:51:39 - Geek Therapy

00:58:23 - Wrap-Up

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I referred to Man-At-Arms as Man-O-War and I described the sorceress when referring to his daughter Teela

I used to love mu cousin’s Polly Pockets, mainly because I was amazed at how many mechanisms and interactive buttons existed in one tiny pocket thingy (?).

Also The Master is called Missy, because it’s short for Mistress. The opposite of lord used to be lady, but nowadays its considered gender neutral as there are female lords.

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I had Mighty Max toys which were the “boy” equivalent of Polly Pocket.

Is the lord/lady thing applicable to Time Lords? Time Lady has been used in the past. My guess is that, in typical Doctor Who fashion, we won’t get a definitive answer. 13 will call herself a Time Lord and someone will call her a Time Lady in passing in two seasons and it won’t come up again for 6 years. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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When I was a kid I wanted a remote control car but my grandfather wouldn’t allow it because it was a “boy toy” instead I got a doll with a remote control stroller that was wired. I still built a ramp for the thing and probably broke it. I saw those mario kart remote control cars the other day and am thinking I should get one. :smile:


A remote control stroller for your baby sounds like such a bad idea…

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Thanks for the shoutout on this episode! I’m happy to know I helped make the new sci-fi show a reality! :smiley:

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OH dear!!!
I mean self driving might actually be safer than remote controlled. But I wouldn’t trust a human being holding my baby, let alone STR0LLR 9000. There’s a sense of safety in knowing your arm stabilizes the cart and ensures the strollers stability.