Screamfest's 20th Anniversary Outdoor Screening of Freddy vs. Jason Delivers a Night of Horrific Fun

Originally published at: Screamfest's 20th Anniversary Outdoor Screening of Freddy vs. Jason Delivers a Night of Horrific Fun - People of Con

On a crisp autumn evening, horror fans gathered under the stars to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the classic cinematic showdown between two iconic horror villains: Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. Hosted by Screamfest, Los Angeles’ renowned horror film festival, this outdoor screening of Freddy vs. Jason was a night filled with chilling excitement and nostalgic thrills.

The atmosphere was electric as attendees arrived at the McGroarty Arts Center, nestled in a darkened corner of the city. The event kicked off with a delightful surprise – free beer from Angel City Brewery, setting the mood for a night of spine-tingling suspense. The libations flowed freely, creating a relaxed and communal vibe among the horror aficionados.

Local business Cookie Me Christy added to the festivities with free Freddy vs. Jason cookies intricately designed with the faces of the two titular characters. These delectable treats satisfied our cravings and showcased the incredible creativity of small businesses in the community. The cookies were almost too beautiful to devour, but the combination of sugary delight and anticipation for the film was irresistible.

As the night deepened, the main event began with the screening of Freddy vs. Jason. The outdoor setting added an extra layer of eeriness to the experience, with the sounds of the night intermingling with the on-screen terror. The film’s epic showdown between Freddy and Jason, filled with gruesome kills and supernatural battles, still held up remarkably well after two decades. The audience’s cheers and gasps added to the excitement, making it clear that these iconic characters continue to resonate with horror fans of all ages.

But the night didn’t end with the film’s credits. Screamfest had more in store for its dedicated attendees. A horror trivia session followed the screening, pitting our genre knowledge against each other. Correct answers were rewarded with prizes, and I was fortunate enough to snag a glow-in-the-dark Creature from the Black Lagoon journal. It was a fitting keepsake for a night celebrating the horror genre.

Screamfest’s 20th Anniversary Outdoor Screening of Freddy vs. Jason was a night filled with free beer, delectable cookies, and nail-biting horror. The event showcased the enduring appeal of classic horror icons and brought the community together to revel in their shared passion. Here’s to Screamfest’s continued success in delivering unforgettable horror experiences for years.

As Spooky Season begins, why not grab a Freddy vs. Jason cookie from Cookie Me Christy and gear up for the next horror movie night? With classics like these, who needs pumpkin spice lattes?