Let's Talk About Sex

Originally published at: Let's Talk About Sex - GT Radio

#236: Many people feel uncomfortable talking about sex but there are lots of shows and movies that can help us get a conversation started. We discuss different media examples that helped learn and understand more about sex and our own bodies.

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Since recording this episode I watched all of Sex Education on Netflix and I recommend it even more highly now.

I forgot to mention that MTV’s Loveline was very helpful for me because I’d neve heard people talk about sex like that. The questions people were asking where things I didn’t know about. So while I don’t remember if the advice was any good, I think of the hosts very differently today, the show was an important part of my sex education.

I can’t believe we forgot to mention Loveline. I remember staying up late to watch it on MTV or listen on the radio even though I wasn’t supposed to. When I was a camp counselor I woke up at 12:30 (kids were supposed to be in bed at 10), and all of my teen campers were huddled around my portable radio on the other side of the cabin listening to Loveline. Dr. Drew and Adam taught so many people about sex.

One thing I forgot to mention when we recorded was representation of trans sex and issues that can come up. The Fosters and Shameless both have some awkward/funny/honest scenes regarding that topic (with the same actor!). I’m sure there are others, and I’d love to hear others’ examples.