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#199: The team talks about the sometimes difficult journey to find an identity. From Geek to Geek Therapist to Queer, identity matters.

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00:03:50 – Identity

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This had me thinking … I have always been called a Tom boy… I tinkered with everything … when something needed to be built I was asked not my brother … I fixed electronics around the house … this was all I ever knew growing up … but the title never felt right to me

When puberty hit i was so lost cause I found both men and women were equally attractive to me but I was more drawn to a person mind and soul then body type so I never identified as bisexual but I most assuredly was not straight…

As a young adult I was labelled a grease monkey cause well cars were easy to me … fixing them was a cake walk but I was always good with manual labour… as I kid I fixed stuff so it carried over … I can name and repair almost everything on a car … but I don’t feel like a gear head ita not my passion I’m just really good at it

I am now an adult adult and I still don’t have a clue what I identify as … I know I’m good at a bunch of things … I tend to write well when I put some thought into it … I know I am quite handy… I know my sexuality still feels like a giant question mark … and that kinda scares me as I raise my son …
I feel like the road to discovering who I am seems futile but it’s a road I keep trwaking along and feel that one day it will all makes sense but finding my identity seems muffled in a sea of things I am good at I’m hoping this new path i am taking that is so different from my current path that maybe it will free up that ever unattainable answer of who am I. And what am i