I Don't Like What Everyone Else Likes

Originally published at: I Don't Like What Everyone Else Likes - GT Radio

#237: Inspired by a question from listener Steff, we talk about feeling like no one enjoys the same things you do and losing things you’ve grown attached to because not enough people care. We talk about these feelings regarding gaming, but it applies to many areas of our lives.

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I didn’t get to talk about “don’t yuck my yum” but I wanted to because it sucks to feel like no one else likes what you do. It feels lonely and isolating. I think it’s hard to not find a single other person who shares an interests, thanks to the internet, but it can still be hard. I believe that attachment to that social aspect of liking something can become a real problem. I think one way to deal with this is to introduce what we like to people we like and that we can make new fans instead of finding them.

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