Doctor Who and the Princesses of Power

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#160: Let’s talk about badass female heroes! We react to the Doctor Who premiered, the newest trailer for She-Ra, and more as well as why these new heroes matter so much.

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00:00:00 - Intro / Doctor Who and more

00:29:22 - Extra Life Promo

00:30:00 - Media Matters

00:49:23 - Geek Therapy

00:55:41 - Plugs / Wrap-Up

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JANEWAY MENTION! Bless. :pray:

Also, I bawled my way through Wonder Woman. TBH, I still tear up when she marches her bad self across no man’s land. That film is everything to me.

I need to watch the new Dr. Who. One of my friends in college tried to get me into Dr Who back in like… uh… 2010-ish? But I was like, dude, this is weirder than Star Trek and I don’t have the nostalgia factor around it to make me forgive the campiness, so… no thanks. But this new one sounds good, and I’m all about supporting the girl power. :muscle: