Cryptozoic and Hobby World Announce Release of Spyfest™

Originally published at: Cryptozoic and Hobby World Announce Release of Spyfest™ - People of Con

Author: Newsroom

Lake Forest, CA – November 12, 2020 – Cryptozoic Entertainment, leading creator of tabletop games, trading cards, and collectibles, and Hobby World, leading Russian publisher of tabletop games, today announced the November 20 release of Spyfest™.

A spinoff of the international smash hit Spyfall series, this detective party game takes two teams to a super-spy convention where one player is a Spy disguised as a memorable historical or fictional character. The Spy’s goal is to describe their character using subtle references to a Keyword only known to their teammates, so that their team identifies the character before their rivals. The 4-10 player game features over 70 original comical illustrations and characters like Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Zorro.

Spyfest is an exhilarating party game that rewards quick-wittedness and imagination,” said Eric Moss, Director of Product Development at Cryptozoic. “Each round, the Spy player gets the fun of taking on the role of a classic character. Make your character’s identity too obvious and you risk the opposing team guessing it first! For fans of the Spyfall series, Spyfest provides a whole new experience with the same fast pace and humorous style of art.”

In Spyfest, the Spy talks about themself as the Character while utilizing the Keyword that only their team knows. The other players do not know which Character the Spy is, but they have the full Character list on their sheets as they try to figure it out. Any player may ask the Spy a question, but the Spy chooses whether to answer.