Autumn Triumph: A Night of Trivia and Toasts

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Author: Ariel Landrum

As the autumn breeze rustled the fallen leaves on a crisp October evening, what could be more delightful than gathering with friends for a spirited round of trivia? That sentiment drove us, the members of “Quiz In My Pants,” to the cozy confines of Brews Brothers Brewpub in Burbank on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

Our ensemble, a vibrant blend of intellects and interests, was made up of Ariel Landrum (that’s me!), JW Arrington, Karen Kemp Docksteader (the wonderful JW’s mom), Chad Nadolski, and Joe Di Gaetano. Together, we plunged into an evening filled with brain-teasers, jests, and togetherness.

As each question was posed and our drinks dwindled, the ambiance at Brews Brothers was palpable. Teams from various backgrounds converged, all with their eyes set on victory. But the evening was about more than securing the top spot for us. With a triumphant score of 86, we not only participated but dominated, securing our first-place position. While other teams gave their best, our synergy and collective knowledge shone brightest.

But the essence of the evening went beyond the thrill of competition. It was a celebration of camaraderie, shared moments, and the joy of collective achievement. The animated discussions over potential answers, the united cheers for correct guesses, and the light-hearted jests made the evening one for the books. And as the autumn night enveloped Burbank, inside Brews Brothers, we discovered the ideal blend of challenge, laughter, and warmth.

So, cheers to “Quiz In My Pants” and the cherished memories we crafted that night. We might have clinched the gold in trivia, but the real win was the fun and fellowship we shared. And who’s to say? Perhaps at the next trivia showdown, we’ll defend our title with even more gusto!

To trivia evenings, memorable team monikers, and the joy they bring during the autumn season! 🍻🥇

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