Animepls Gives Us Anime Apparel Newness at AX18

Originally published at: Animepls Gives Us Anime Apparel Newness at AX18 - People of Con

Anime Expo 2018

Author: Stefanie Bautista

This year, Anime Expo (AX) added an array of new elements to make the annual convention even more exciting than in previous years. The Artist Alley found its new home in Kentia Hall, and within it, an Annex featuring a brand-new retailer: Animepls by Bioworld. This online store caters to all your anime apparel needs, featuring officially licensed clothing and accessories from fan-favorite anime such as My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Dragonball Super, and everyone’s beloved office lady/red panda, Aggretsuko.

The Animepls booth included a red carpet, a backdrop for pictures, and life-sized sets and cutouts from My Hero Academia and Dragonball Super. AX attendees could snap pictures with Midoriya and All Might or strike a pose with Goku and Vegeta. The center of the booth displayed sets of accessories and apparel in boxes, showcasing anime-inspired looks sure to turn heads.

Devotees weary of seeing the same anime prints at every AX were treated to limited-release designs only available at AX18. The Animepls team curated these designs, focusing on fresh and unique fan-driven ideas. Many t-shirts showcased never-before-seen art from the season’s premium anime titles, including Tokyo Ghoul and other Sanrio characters.

Highlighting the excitement, Animepls hosted an Aggretsuko meet-and-greet. Fans and cosplayers posed alongside Aggretsuko, showing their best death metal faces in her “den of rage,” accompanied by cutouts of her mentors, Gori and Washimi.

What sets Animepls apart is its remixing favorite anime designs into everyday apparel. The rise of anime and the growing popularity of AX reflect its expansion worldwide. Animepls embraces this passion, offering products for long-term fans and those new to the genre. Check out; they’re open for business and planning for an even larger presence at AX 2019!