An Enthralling Journey into the Curious World of the Oddities Flea Market

Originally published at: An Enthralling Journey into the Curious World of the Oddities Flea Market - People of Con

Oddities Flea Market 2022

Author: JW Arrington

Upon setting foot in the multi-tiered Globe Theatre on Sunday, March 27, 2022, in downtown Los Angeles, the electrifying atmosphere of the Oddities Flea Market immediately washed over me. The initial impression was nothing short of exhilarating, with a meticulously curated layout and an eclectic assortment of unique vendors instantly piquing my curiosity.

Contrary to my preliminary expectation of artists simply exhibiting their work, the event presented a multi-dimensional experience with thematic depth and immersive elements that left an indelible mark. The basement was a realm of its own, swathed in a dark ambiance that seamlessly aligned with the event’s overarching theme. Resurfacing the lively tunes of a DJ and the dynamic movements of dancers on the main stage further amplified this immersive journey, making the experience genuinely unforgettable. The thoughtfully planned multi-level setup effectively distributed the crowd, allowing each vendor their moment in the spotlight.

For future attendees, I would suggest practicing due diligence while parking in downtown LA and prioritizing an early arrival to ensure sufficient time for meaningful engagement with vendors and securing any must-have items.

Although the venue’s multi-level structure added to its charm, traversing it became a bit of an adventure as the crowd swelled. While provisions were in place for ADA accessibility, navigating through the bustling event grew more challenging. Hence, an early arrival could greatly benefit those requiring accessibility aids.

Despite the feast for the senses that the event provided, it fell slightly short in the refreshment department, compelling me to venture out to a nearby coffee shop for nourishment. If this remains unchanged in future iterations, I’d strongly advise attendees to eat beforehand or bring snacks to keep energy levels up, ensuring a more relaxed and enjoyable experience as they explore the vendors and mingle with fellow enthusiasts.

Still, without hesitation, I’d revisit the Oddities Flea Market. It offered opportunities to interact with vendors, secure unique gifts, and discover previously unknown artists from cities I had visited. Among my treasured acquisitions was a striking black candle now gracing our living room, courtesy of a gifted vendor based in Northern California.

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