Ali's Problem with Apu

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#131: We talk about The Simpsons’ response to the documentary The Problem with Apu by Hari Kondabolu and what is being discussed online about Apu, representation, and how to deal with it. Ali, who is Pakistani-American, has a lot to say about Apu and he shares the effect the character has had on his life.

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Hello, GTers! Fairly new listener. I just want to weigh in on Josue’s point about Apu being “beloved”. Just because a character is beloved, that doesn’t mean s/he/they are not problematic. People could love Aunt Jemima or Stepnfetchit but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hella racist. We often like those comfortable stereotypes. Thanks for a great discussion, people–I might direct my Multicultural America students to this podcast; it goes well with Ansari’s Master of None bit.