What is Rolling For Change?

Originally published at: What is Rolling For Change? - Rolling for Change - Geek Therapy's Transformative Gaming Podcast

#1: Rolling for Change is a podcast that explores the therapeutic value of tabletop gaming. Is gaming really good for you? If so, what are the mechanisms and dynamics that make it possible? We intend to find out with monthly podcasts which will explore games, mechanics, themes, and other attributes of the tabletop culture. Not only that, but we will be talking to game designers, and others in the tabletop industry to get their opinion on the psychology behind some of our favorite games. We will also be looking at the function of tabletop gaming in the classroom, and in the therapy office. Finally we will look at the literature and studies regarding the tabletop hobby. Whether your interests are in party games, or role play, bidding, or hidden identity, we hope to gather the information and pose the questions that have been unanswered. We look forward to this new adventure, thanks for joining us.

Welcome to Rolling for Change, a podcast about the social, psychological, and educational aspects of tabletop board gaming. In this first episode we gather to discuss the purpose and plan for our podcast, introduce the hosts of our show, and discuss our vision for the journey we are on together.