Welcome to Babylon 5

Originally published at: Welcome to Babylon 5 - Conspiracy of Light

#1: And so it came to pass that Josué and Woody embarked upon a new adventure to explore the worlds of Babylon 5. Woody would serve as the guide to acolyte Josué and Josué would challenge all of Woody’s preconceived notions about this hallowed story. Woody acknowledged that this particular media was a cornerstone of his media genome and as such a sacred ground upon which he had traveled the path again and again. Josué acknowledged a love of science fiction, and a will to explore every aspect of the media in our world and how it impacts those that engage with it. Between the two of them, they agreed to watch every episode and travel the path together. Together they will root out the meaning and identify the underlying structures of Babylon 5. More to the point, they will geek out and you dear listeners are invited to share the journey.

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