Warp Tour

Originally published at: Warp Tour - Here Comes a Thought

The gems begin to show their own fear in this episode and minimize Steven’s skills and abilities as a crystal gem. How do parents speak about fear or help their children work through their fears?

STEVONNIE!!! We finally meet Stevonnie, The gems are beginning to attempt to teach Steven about fusion. This can be seen as the similarity of having the conversation of sex with your child. Steven is able to be himself with Connie and because of this, he is able to fuse with Connie.

Special Thanks to Joe Jeremiah for letting us use his version of “Here Comes a Thought”

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait up… How/why does Pearl know how sex works and the other Gems don’t?

Yes @KatMFT… Answer the question!

Perhaps its because considering Greg and Rose most likely used Gregs… gametes in order to make Steven. Its probable that Pearl in her jealous curiosity might have been exposed to some knowledge she regrets. You knowwhat they say curiosity killed the pearl.

I’m totally going to say that with fusion there is the possibility of sharing knowledge. They have been on the earth for many years and (now this is with the knowledge of all the seasons) being that Pearl has fused with Pearl and when Pearl and sings with Greg in it’s over isn’t it she talks about all the other men Rose had been with. So, I believe that Pearl was queer while Rose was pan and she knew about sex. I just didn’t go into all of that because I don’t speak of all the other seasons… yet…

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