Video Games Are Communication Technologies

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#61: In a recent Kotaku article, Cecilia D’Anastasio wrote “…video games aren’t just entertainment—they’re communication technologies” and we completely agree. We discuss the article and some research around communication and gaming.

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Lara here, single handedly trying to keep the forums alive! I have a couple comments here.

  1. I totally did the “love you, bye!” to several of my friend’s moms and my mom’s friends.

  2. What kind of crazy stalker pager did you have, Josué?! I never talked to a stranger on a line, even to page my dad’s work pager. Just dialed a number, when it stopped ringing I dialed more numbers, hit pound, and hung up. Anonymous and easy to make people’s pagers say b00bs.

That’s how alphanumeric pagers worked back in the day! You had to tell the operator what you eanted the message to say!