The Scar and The Kawasaki Ninja

Originally published at: The Scar and The Kawasaki Ninja - Conspiracy of Light

Our discussion of the Babylon 5 episode “Eyes” is a valiant attempt to flesh out any real value to this lackluster Babylon 5 episode. In retrospect, I think it’s an episode that anyone checking out the Babylon 5 universe can just as easily skip. Certainly some good moments, but not enough to make you feel connected to the world of B5. It does however make me just want a sitcom of the adventures of Garibaldi and Lanier. Even just a cartoon would be fine. It would be like an alien version of The Odd Couple. I am certain for those of a certain age, My Favorite Martian and Mork & Mindy already did that but still, perhaps we need that oddness in our lives. Bond villains not withstanding, the Grey and Benzayne stories would be appropriate as a double feature with Garibaldi and Lanier on Saturday mornings. At least in my imagination, in a place where reality just went to a more silly place instead of the damned seriousness of this time, these things all happened. Tune in next time for less Meh.

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