The Psychology of Saving Private Ryan with Duane France

Originally published at: The Psychology of Saving Private Ryan with Duane France | Jedi Counsel

Hey folks! Thanks so much for tuning in. This week we had the absolute pleasure of doing a cross-over episode with the Head Space and Timing Podcast hosted by Duane France. Duane is an individual with the unique experience and background of having served both as a veteran as well as a mental health therapist. We had the opportunity to chat with Duane about the film Saving Private Ryan. Listen in as we discuss moral injury, posttraumatic stress, and the unique mental health experiences that veterans cope with. We hope you enjoy this fascinating discussion!

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That was such a great discussion! Especially loved the conversation around moral injury!

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I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I really had a good time recording it. I had not seen that movie in quite some time, so I really thought it was fun to revisit it with a more critical eye towards the mental health themes.