The Healer and the Soul

Originally published at: The Healer and the Soul - Conspiracy of Light

In this episode of Conspiracy of Light, Josué Cardona and I explore episode the 10th episode of Babylon 5, Season 1, “Believers”. This story takes us deep into personal territory as well as metaphysical and psychological discussions about ethics, healing, and of course psychology. It’s the kind of episode that only Josué and I could do. Be warned, this episode is full of meaning of life type questions and could cause existential dread, or at the very least, cosmic whimpering.

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This episode of Babylon 5 seems to be the most divisive and one that always generates constant debate and differing points of view and your discussion was really well thought out and covered so many interesting aspects. What I really liked about this discussion is how willing you both were to share your backgrounds and life stories and how those impacted you when viewing this episode.
Rarely have I heard such a deep dive into the psychological angle of this episode and I could just listen to you both talk about various psychological methodologies and apply them to a sci-fi show from the 1990s for ages.