Teaching a Game

Originally published at: Teaching a Game - Rolling for Change - Geek Therapy's Transformative Gaming Podcast

2 episodes in 2 weeks…wow! I don’t know about getting 1 out per week, but we will endeavor to create more content more often.

This episode is about what it is like to teach a game. I believe this is a core skill for tabletop gamers. Sometimes the quality of the teaching determines the quality of our experience of a game. It is this skill that we turn to in todays discussion. The verdict is still out for me. Being a good teacher is a combination of; really knowing the game, being able to present it in a clear way, hopefully engaging the players in the theme as much as possible, balancing when to take the training wheels off (moving from teacher to player), and finding moments in the game to leave an opening for personal discovery or aha moments within the play of the game. If you are really good you might even facilitate a situation in which your student rolls for change and becomes a master (at least for the moment).

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