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We jump all the way to season 5 Diamond Days! We have a special guest, the creator of the Geek Therapy Network, Josué Cardona. This episode is just us being able to talk about our love for the Diamond Days episodes and the season finale.
We get to talk about all the things that we know that we don’t talk about because of our rules and of course

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Here are some of the links of Trans folks writing about Trans representation in Change your mind.

Courtesy of the Awesome @Addilovely in Discord

Courtesy of the Awesome @CHICKENDINOSAUR in Discord

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so many great insights from all of you, plus many great analogies. I loved hearing everyone gush about the new fusions and I really appreciated the discussion about the transgender narrative being relatable to anyone who has struggled with issues of identity (i.e., everyone). I think a lot of people put up walls against relating to or understanding trans people, intentionally using blinders to avoid empathizing… Like, “Sure, I can understand identity issues related to a child distinguishing themselves from their parents, or relate to identity issues about overcoming/being changed by past experiences/trauma, or even identity issues related to being from two very different cultures and being forced to choose one over the other, but identity issues related to GENDER??? NEVERRRrrrrrr” It’s just so frustrating. Hearing you all explicitly compare these types of experiences, and how empathizing with each other makes us better and stronger… just, damn.

Escapism is important! Not just because of the song, but also because showing the changes in the watermelons is really really important! BECAUSE: unlike all the other diamonds, Steven does not maintain constant, unyielding power over his creations. He gives them freedom, freedom to make their own choices and form their own relationships and cultures. Freedom to grow and change. Even when that freedom can cause harm (the watermelon sneetches, lol), Steven still respects them as real sentient beings, deserving of autonomy (and love!). When you compare that to the gems (created by the diamonds) on homeworld, including the walls with faces…

Shoutout to the Pebbles!!!

Connie is amazing :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

P.S. I laughed really hard at the construction sounds directly after Gian and Kat say “I don’t hear anything”

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Thanks for posting! Lol I actually didnt hear anything during the recording and then why I heard the finished product I was like Ooooooooooooooh.

Also thanks for the Escapism love!

I think in terms of Trans narrative on of the best messages Change Your Mind has is that u dont have to completely understand something to love it and be kind to it. U dont have to understand gender, to respect amd embrace trans folk. If u can just let them be whomever they are and let yourself just be whoever you are you understand that we judge and oppress others for random things.

In the same way White cant stand being off-color and its an ugly sight to Blue and Yellow. But they dont have to understand what that means yet, maybe if they just let themselves be whoever they sre they can start to understand what it means to be off color without judgement.

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@CHICKENDINOSAUR THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE!!! Honestly this episode helped me sort of come out of my shell and I feel like for once I had some control over the show as compared to how normally I am just the synopsis guy lol. However, I agree with you whole-heartedly and the messages that are especially discussed in this arc are the things I bring up when I talk to people about the show. In the beginning I admittedly was a little apprehensive to tell people I loved SU but it wasn’t until I started looking into the deeper meaning of the show and started this podcast that I started proudly proclaiming my love for this show. Trust me there was SOOOOOOOOOOO much more we wanted to talk about and it was especially hard for @Gianminni to hold back all the things we wanted to discuss! Also I agree, I did not hear the construction at all until I listened to the final version and I giggled as well. Once we hit our season 5 mark we will definitely revisit Diamond Days and finally put Gian’s 18 pages of notes to good use.

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