Shrinks on Bikes (Ep 1)

Originally published at: Shrinks on Bikes (Ep 1) - Rolling for Change - Geek Therapy's Transformative Gaming Podcast

As we started our social distancing and lockdown experience, Tim Grant, Brennan Jordan, Brian Quinones, and myself (Woody Harris) started a game of Kids on Bikes both as a way of helping me get used to Gming, and as a way of passing our indoor time. We had the notion that this story would play out as a podcast. This is the first episode of that strange adventure. We are going on 16 weeks of this story now. It has been an immense learning curve for me as GM, but mostly it has just been an incredible joy to participate in story collaboration with these guys. Although this may eventually find a different home than Rolling For Change, I wanted anyone who is interested to get a listen to this crazy story. As a new GM, I think what is amazing is how the improvisation and worldbuilding played out. There are certainly some logical inconsistencies, and we may mess names up here and there, but as a tool for understanding the potentials in an RPG, I think it was a rather amazing event. I don’t think I would have made it through our social isolation with much sanity left were it not for spending time with these guys. I hope you all enjoy it and I look forward to feedback and input.

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