Reunite Families Separated at the Border

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We are completely opposed to children being separated from their parents after crossing the border into the United States. The purpose of this post is to 1) link to research and information on the long-lasting, damaging effects of parent-child separation and 2) suggest actions that you can take to fight this abhorrent policy and insist that families are reunited.

Statements from Experts About the Harm of Separating Children from their Parents:

Circle of Willis Podcast: Children at the Border We strongly recommend listening to this episode. The host spoke to 5 developmental scientists about the likely impact of this policy.

Washington Post Article by Clinical Psychologist and Neuroscientist, Jim Coan

Letter to President Trump from the American Psychological Association

Statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics

Statement from the Association for Research in Personality

Statement from the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

Statement of APA President Regarding the Executive Order Rescinding Immigrant Family Separation Policy

American Association of Suicidology’s Statement on the Detrimental Effects of the Administration’s Family Separation Policy

Statement from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies on Taking Children Away from their Parents

Ways to Take Action:

Call your representatives in Congress and tell them that you want them to pass legislation that stops this policy immediately.

Donate to RAICES (the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services) to reunite families.

Vote in the midterm elections for candidates that oppose these types of policies.

Attend a Families Belong Together protest.

Get informed and spread the word to others.

Donate to candidates who are against family separation & in close November races:

– Small
– Eastman
– Slotkin
– Fletcher
– Heitkamp
– O’Rourke

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