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Welcome to the third episode of the Queer Comics Podcast! Today Nina Kester and Jessica Vazquez talk about some of our favorite comic book inspired queer TV heroes that were not canon in the source material. (recorded on December 30th 2018) Make sure to follow QCP on twitter @QueerComicsPod and Instagram @queer_comics_podcast . This podcast features original music by Tyler Francis, you can checkout more of his work on his bandcamp page and follow him on Instagram @Tylerirl_




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My God! I thought I would never hear a conversation in my lifetime about just how utterly dissapointed someone was about Denise’s death. As a Medical Student her character arc was just the best for me. Just setting that contrast from the guy who used to be Alexandrias surgeon and then Denise it just hit me so much. How she slowly discovers that she’s got this, that she went to medical school, that she know surgery somewhere deep inside of her but also that its hard enough to access that she doubts her capacity. I love how competent she becomes when she lets her empathy and desire to help others drive her towards her goal when her confidence failed her. I wanted so much more Denise and Tara! I thought people didnt care about her death as much as I did.

In the medical field Psychiatrists are often looked down upon as not being real doctors, and I loved to see a character represented that shows: “Yes I can be as much of a surgeon as u are but I chose Psychiatry because I had a personal stake in it and I love the field.”. I dunno if Im just rambling but I needed more Denise in my life.

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I too hadn’t really heard too much about her death outside of the queer lady blogging community I follow and even then the discussion faded pretty quick. Nobody really talked about it so when this episode came up she was my first choice above anybody else. Merrit did address it in an interview and said that she hadn’t thought of the wider scope of the story as far as playing a queer character that gets killed off and contributing to the bury your gays trope, in her mind she was just signing on for a year of work on a really successful show, what actor would pass that up?

I could talk about her character for an entire episode and break down all those moments you mention. Seeing her realize she had the ability to do surgery and take charge by overcoming her self-doubt was so refreshing. Most of the self-doubt people face on The Walking Dead is about “can I kill this person or should I not kill this person” stuff like that. Denise just felt more real to me and a part of me almost feels dumb for being hopeful about it since I knew her fate in the comic books. I just saw them finally give Tara some happiness and introduce a character that was abundantly relatable and I wanted them to keep her around.


I was hopeful too. And her speech was so goddamn beautiful that I was like yes we need someone emotionally aware like she is and having a death that literally lasts a second and comes out of nowhere did her no justice. I mean I get that Walking Dead often drives the point that people dont always get to have their heroic moment and that death isnt always a sacrifice or heroic moment. I felt she at least deserved a death that really pushed her character to her limits or rounded out her arc.