Protesting on Babylon 5

Originally published at: Protesting on Babylon 5 - Conspiracy of Light

Ok, Josué and I recorded this episode far before all of the things going on now in 2020. But protest has been with us more than ever since 2016. In this episode we examine the Babylon 5 Episode “By Any Means Necessary”. The episode itself is about dockworkers striking due to poor working conditions, and low pay. For Josué and I speaking about this episode, it is one of the most politically charged discussions we have had about Babylon 5. This is probably the start of Josué and I just feeling comfortable enough in our own attitudes that we are broadcasting, mostly without filter, our thoughts and feelings. In a sense, this is a darker episode, because we are talking about real world events through the eyes of Babylon 5. We had a great time with this one though. I believe we were both able to speak on a number of issues using Babylon 5 as the backdrop for the discussion. Please share and enjoy.

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