Otaku Ryoho Mythos: Cosmic Horror in Anime

Originally published at: Otaku Ryoho Mythos: Cosmic Horror in Anime - Otaku Ryōhō - Geek Therapy

Gian tries his best to explain his favorite genre of Horror, the cosmic type. He uses Attack on Titan (Season 3) as an illustration of what happens when we are faced with threats or ideas that feel beyond our comprehension. He talks about H.P. Lovecraft’s beliefs about race and mental illness and how communities have utilized the framework of his work to talk about overwhelming experiences and fear of the unknown while still addressing the more pernicious aspects of his perspective. Josué and Gian disagree about how people would hypothetically react to cosmic threats. Gian talks about why the genre resonates so much with him.

Talking Points: Cosmic Horror, Resiliency, Grand Scale, Anxiety, Despair, Existentialism, Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy, Race, Syphillis, Lovecraftian concept of the insane, Xenophobia, Lovecraft

Anime Mentioned: Attack on Titan, Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World, The Promised Neverland, Dragon Balls, Naruto

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