Manage Your Expectations

Originally published at: Manage Your Expectations - Headshots: The Psychology and Gaming Podcast

#48: Josué and Kelli discuss reactions to games like Sea of Thieves and No Man’s Sky that seem to make many gamers angry. We talk about the feelings that follow playing a game that doesn’t meet expectations or simply isn’t what you wanted it to be.

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Headshots is my other other other favorite GT podcast! :smiley:

Can’t wait to listen!

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Here are my two sent on No Man’s Sky.

I saw a lot of the trailers I was super hyped. Today I play the game and I’m in love with the exploration and the cataloging of species and the flying around. I find the game awe inspiring and easy to get lost in. I could play all day.

But every single action you take requires a specific resource and over time there was a lot of grinding and I’m grinding-averse unless its something like Monster Hunter where grinding doesn’t feel like grinding. I just wish they had a like an infinite resources mode where your ship had infinite fuel, your life support would decrease over time and your mining lazer had infinite fuel as well…

But i also don’t get the extreme reaction it got.

There is an infinite resource mode! It’s called Creative Mode!

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Wait What?!
What?! I didn’t see this!
What’s going on… My world has bee turned upside down!
Does it turn off trophies?
Just saying theres a certain someone I need to dethrone on trophy points…

My eyes have been opened, get ready to see me play No Man’s Sky more often…

Funny thing is… I was planning on saying…

“I wish there was a Creative mode” .

And then I said," oh Gian… that makes no sense… You’re thinking of minecraft! Infinite resource mode seems more appropiate…"

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