Kris Johnson- Making Art with Games

Originally published at: Kris Johnson- Making Art with Games - Rolling for Change - Geek Therapy's Transformative Gaming Podcast

This conversation between Kris and I happened back in June of 2020. We were in lockdown, wondering what would happen next. Well, what happened is Rolling for Change went silent for a while. However, now Rolling for Change is rising again. On the heels of our amazing TAGGS gathering, Rolling for Change rose back up from its slumber and tapped at the door of consciousness.

My guest this time around is Kris Johnson. Kris uses board game pieces to make works of art. I myself found him when he posted on one of the board game groups I follow. It was a remake of the “Black Lives Matter” fist symbol. I ordered a t-shirt almost immediately. I knew that if someone was doing what he was doing with board game pieces, that was a story I wanted to cover on Rolling for Change. As it turns out, Kris is also an art teacher and he uses games with students at school. Kris is yet another example of how board games can impact our lives and the lives of others. If you would like to check out his work or connect with Kris, I am providing the links below.

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