Judgment: Ethical and otherwise

Originally published at: Judgment: Ethical and otherwise - Otaku Ryōhō - Geek Therapy

Gian brought the topic of Judgment using the anime “Death Parade” to illustrate how difficult it is to impose judgments on others. The conversation moves across various anime in which the concept of judgment as punishment is applied as well as anime in which the concept of judgment as an assessment is applied. Josué and Gian disagree on the definitions of Judgement that they employed throughout the conversation highlighting the complexity of the philosophical discussion. They talk about curses as forms of judgments in Dororo and Ranma as well as the judgment component of breaking natural laws in full metal alchemist. The discussion then pivots in on about ethical decision making and codes of ethics.

Talking Points: Religious Judgement, Murder, Ethical Dilemmas, Morality, Principles, Virtues, Code of Ethics, The Trolley Problem, Legal issues, Institutional codes of ethics.

Anime Mentioned: Death Parade, Death Note, Ranma 1/2, Psycho-Pass, Dororo, Dragon Ball Z/Super, Princess Mononoke, Full metal alchemist.

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