Jedi Counsel Podcast 100: Frasier Crane Day

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It’s our 100th episode of the Jedi Counsel Podcast! We are grateful for all of our listeners, readers, and other people who we have connected with through Jedi Counsel! Frasier Crane celebrated 1000 radio episodes with Frasier Crane Day, so we decided to celebrate 100 podcast episodes with Frasier Crane Day as well. We talked about the difference between psychology and psychiatry, the ethical issues faced in Frasier, our favorite episodes/moments, and the mental health of the main characters. Thank you so much for listening!

In this episode, we talked about Daphne & Marris showing symptoms of eating disorders. For more information about eating disorders and their treatment, please see the Academy for Eating Disorders website. We also discussed potential obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms in Niles. Please see the International OCD Foundation for more information about OCD. Finally, Frasier showed signs of depression, which you can learn more about here.

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