Is it really Video Game Addiction?

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It seems many people believe they have a family member or loved one who is addicted to video games. Are they really? Are video games as bad as people think they are or is video game addiction just a new psychological buzz word. This episode Lea and Kat discuss Video Game addiction; is it a diagnosis? What are the criteria? How did it first start? How can it be treated? And, how can it be prevented?

This episode is very heavy and loaded with some history, some facts, and diagnostic criteria. This episode is also a little longer than we would normally want it to be, but again there is a lot of information that needed to be shared.

I hate to give more mention but I did quote Phillip Zimbardo’s Ted Talk: The Demise of Guys? Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys? | TED Talk Zimbardo believes that the boys are struggling educationally and financially due to their access to video games. This goes to basic psych 101 concept of Freud’s Id, Ego, and Super Ego. The id is where all desires and impulses are manifested. Zimbardo believes that due to video games and internet porn’s instant gratification boys are unwilling and unable to develop relationships with people they desire. Zimbardo also makes some claims that sound as if that now that video games are prevalent that boys and men are searching form more male companionship, but not wanting to gain intimate relationships with someone they desire.

We discuss addiction and it’s diagnosis from the DSM 5 as well the fact that Video Game Addiction is in section 3: Condition’s for Further Study, in this section is documented as Internet Gaming Disorder, which describes what criteria will be looking for to diagnose someone with this disorder as well as the studies that still need to be done to place the disorder in the next edition. The DSM states that they want to continue the studies with ages 12-20 year olds. With the 2016 video Game Statistics we find that the age of the average gamer is 35 years old.

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Lastly, we discuss some of the horrible reasons why people believe that Video Game Addiction is a real diagnosis. Discussing Shawn Woolley who died by suicide and is believed to be due to playing Ever Quest, as well as many different people whose deaths are said to be caused to their many hours of playing video games.

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