Intimacy, Sexuality and Gaming

Originally published at: Intimacy, Sexuality and Gaming - Rolling for Change - Geek Therapy's Transformative Gaming Podcast

The title says it all. In this episode I am joined by Brian Peace, Ginger Peace, Josue Cardona, and Suzi Harris in a discussion about the impact of gaming on relationships (intimacy and sexuality). The episode is R rated so sensitive listeners may just want to wait around for something less evocative. Thanks for listening.

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So my wife and I listened to this episode on a long drive home from our anniversary trip, and we could not stop laughing. We decided that Ginger and Suzi should be in every episode from now on…or get their own show.

A couple things came to mind while listening. At a recent convention we picked up Codenames: Duet, and we’ve really enjoyed playing it. We’ve learned a lot about how we communicate with each other and the differences in how we communicate.

I also thought about how when we play games like Joking Hazard or Cards Against Humanity, we pick each others’ cards when we’re the judge about 90% of the time. It’s gotten so bad that when we play with our usual group of friends they joke it’s cheating and marriage disqualifies people from playing, cause it happens to the other married couple that plays with us, too. I think it’s a good sign that my wife and I know each other so we’ll, especially the dark and messed up side.

We’d love to find out what games work well for 2 player, as we’re always on the hunt. We’ve got so many games that can work with 2, but really meant for 3 or more. Duet has been great, and we heard Pandemic works well as 2, but haven’t tried it with less than 3 yet.


Suzi and Ginger both were appreciative of your statement. I believe you will see them once in a while on the show. We loved having them along.

As far as two player games, there are so many. I will give another vote to Fog of Love as I think that is a fantastic game. But games by Kosmos are all very good for two players. Also if I could suggest Jai Pur, and Patchwork. Those are both great games for two players.