Humor: Coping... The Humorous Kind...

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Josue brings up the topic of humor and how it is a mature defense mechanism that helps us cope with difficult times or ideas. Gian and Josue attempt to bring up anime that illustrates the use of humor in order to deal with difficult topics. Gian brings up Honey and Clover and how it illustrates the struggles of youth and young love in art school. He mentions Aggretsuko and the way this anime illustrates the issues that working women face with humor. Gian ends with mentioning Fruits basket and how the relationship between two brothers is heavily influenced by their coping mechanisms and how they interact.

Josué then shows Assassination Classroom as a great illustrator of the struggles of high school youth. He talks about Gintama and how he’s wanted to watch that anime for some time. He talks about the clever ways that Hetalia tackles history, which can often be overwhelming, in a comical package. Then he talks about the adaptation of Attack on Titan, a dark… dark… dark… anime, to the high school setting in Attack on Titan: Junior High, and how the humor reinvents the way the original story beats are taken. Finally, Josue talks about gender in Ouran High School Host Club and the struggles of the working class in The Devil is a Part-Timer.

Talking Points: Humor as a coping mechanism, the struggles of a working woman, schooling, random humor, education through humor, humorous remakes, Gender, working-class problems, dark humor

Anime Mentioned: Honey and Clover, Aggretsukko, Fruits Basket, Assassination Classroom, Gintama, Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Attack on Titan: Junior High, Ouran Highschool Host Club, The Devil is a Part-Timer

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