"Historical" Anime or "Historical" Fan Fiction?

Originally published at: "Historical" Anime or "Historical" Fan Fiction? - Otaku Ryōhō - Geek Therapy

Talking Points: History, Who writes history?, Speculative Historical fiction, Historians and historical accounts, The inherent fiction of history, bias.

Anime Mentioned: Rurouni Kenshin, Grave of the Fireflies, The Wind Rises, Hyoge Mono, Vinland Saga, Rose of Versailles, Samurai Champloo.

Non-Anime Mentions: Bill Wurtz’s “history of japan” youtube video, “5 Most Historically Accurate Anime Of All Time (& The 5 Most Inaccurate)” – Cody McIntosh, Shakespeare, The Canterbury Tales.

Reference Links:
history of japan – Bill Wurtz

5 Most Historically Accurate Anime Of All Time (& The 5 Most Inaccurate) – Cody McIntosh


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