Gaming, Identity, and Loss

Originally published at: Gaming, Identity, and Loss - Rolling for Change - Geek Therapy's Transformative Gaming Podcast

In 100 years, none of this will matter. At Geek Therapy we are fond of saying media matters, and it does, but it is perhaps a temporary state of being that finds meaning in those things we consume. We self identify often with what we own. We say; This is me! This is who I am! But then when we discard those self identifying consumables; ‘the things’ we are easily thrown back on the question of who am I if not my clothes, my musical taste, my games, etc. In Hindu texts they talk of neti neti which means ‘not this, not that’. The direction is to ask yourself the question ‘who am I?’ over and over again in a sort of spiral towards identification of the true self as we strip off the layers of things and identities that we have taken on. There is really no end to the progression as we keep coming to the conclusion that I am not this, and I am not that.

Moving has placed me in a very visceral Neti Neti experience. This podcast is a direct expression of that. I doubt that we answer any burning questions herein. More likely its about a spiral of identity loss that I was feeling as I began to discard stuff and reset my life in a new home. I hope that the discussion has some resonance for you, or at least that we provide some momentary entertainment.

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