Fan Service and it's many faces

Originally published at: Fan Service and it's many faces - Otaku Ryōhō - Geek Therapy

Josue starts a conversation about Fan Service. We give our personal definitions of what the term “fan service” entails and give examples of our favorite types of fan service. We also talk about the specific form of fanservice that involves sexual gratification and our discomfort and experience with this ever-present concept in the overall world of anime. Gian talks about formative anime that on reinspection as an adult had problematic representations of women and forms of fan service. They then talk about Motivation and anime’s skillful manipulation of our emotional states to keep us invested in a series.

Talking Points: Fan service, Sexual gratification, fans, Cameos, Character arch, Strength narratives, Violence and gore,

Anime Mentioned: Dragon Ball, Food Wars, Love Hina, Chobits, Fruits Basket, Beastars, Cells at Work, Weathering with You, Your Name

Non-Anime Mentions: Avenger’s Endgame

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