Episode 121: The Morality and Psychology of Batman with Randolph Brickey

Originally published at: Episode 121: The Morality and Psychology of Batman with Randolph Brickey | Jedi Counsel

Randolph Brickey is a writer, recovering attorney, struggling internet personality, and former public defender. He joined us to discuss his fantastic article comparing Batman: The Animated Series (TAS) to Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. Brandon and Randolph talked about what TAS meant to them growing up and what it means to them now. Then, we discussed the humanitarian and “obsessive redeemer” sides of Batman evident in TAS. Pulling from our therapist and attorney experiences, we delved into the roles of empathy and humility in our work and why we think some people avoid nuanced views of “villains.” We concluded with final thoughts about how current movies would be better with more compassionate superheroes (like Wonder Woman) and how everyone should watch TAS. We enjoyed making this episode, and we hope you enjoy listening to it!

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