Episode 120: The Science of Suicide Prevention with Dr. Tracy Witte

Originally published at: Episode 120: The Science of Suicide Prevention with Dr. Tracy Witte | Jedi Counsel

We spoke to Dr. Tracy Witte, an Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, about her fascinating research on suicidal behavior. First, she told us about the interesting path that led her to clinical psychology. Next, she shared how openness to new opportunities led to important interdisciplinary work with different populations (e.g., military, LGBTQ+ veterinarians and students). Veterinary professionals have elevated suicide rates compared to the general population, and Dr. Witte’s work has shed light on potential ways to address this disparity. We concluded by talking about Dr. Witte’s intriguing research on the nature of suicidal behavior and how science can help us to save lives. We learned a lot making this episode, and we hope you enjoy listening to it!

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For more information:

Check out Dr. Witte’s faculty page and lab website.

Here’s a blog post about the taxometrics study on suicidal behavior by Dr. Witte and Dr. Holm-Denoma.

You can learn more about suicide prevention here.

Suicide theories discussed in this episode include the interpersonal theory of suicide and the three-step theory.

Learn more about lethal means safety for suicide prevention here and here.