Ep. 16 AHHHHH Robots!

Originally published at: https://gft.geektherapy.com/2018/02/03/ep-16-ahhhhh-robots/

Robots are being introduced into mainstream more often. We have Alexa, and google home, not to mention Siri on Iphones. Now there is the introduction to Jibo for the home that can display emotions and learns what different users in the home will like and responds accordingly.

Does this influence the way family members will interact with one another? Lea discusses her fear of the AI taking over the world and killing mankind and discusses a conspiracy theory that the humans would die with the introduction to new robots thanks to Pixar. You can see the video here

If you would like to read the article that Lea and Kat discuss you can check it out Monitor - January 2018

And of course psychtech podcast discussed PARO in their episode Avatar Therapy

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