Ep. 07 Finding yourself in pop culture and Ghost hunting

Originally published at: https://gft.geektherapy.com/2017/07/18/finding-yourself-in-pop-culture-and-ghost-hunting/

Kat got to explore one of her fandoms, geeky likes, nerd like passions… whatever you want to call it… But she went to see Eastern State Penitentiary. It is a jail that was built in 1829 and closed in 1971. This did pique Kat’s love of history (especially haunted history) and some psychological aspects in learning that when the prison first opened everyone was brought in to single cells with hoods on their heads so no one knew who they were, and their exercise yard was attached to their cells…individual exercise yards. Imagine doing 15 years of solitary confinement, because that is what it is.

Lea and Kat sat and discussed the importance of being able to find super hero’s or any comic character that look like us. The importance of being able to see that even though we are minorities that we can find someone to look up to even if they are make believe. In therapy we use pop figures (not really Funko Pops) to help get children who do not know how to verbally identify their emotions to at least begin with physical representation with characters such as Winnie the pooh or Kat’s favorites the emotes. (www.emotes.com), little action figure monsters that help children, identify, understand and express their emotions. Kat loves these toys. But with some of our older clients toys aren’t good enough Kat has utilized Comicspedia to help find comic books that will help clients express themselves by having similar situations the children might be going through. www.comicspedia.net Lastly Kat mentions Geek Therapy’s own data base they are still compiling, which when complete will have access to The Geek Therapy library can be found You searched for library - Geek Therapy

If you are like Kat and are trying to find more Latino/a superhero check out buzzfeeds list of the 15 top Latino Superhero’s you need to know

If you know any please let us know on our twitter