Dr. Who and Psychology with Dr. Jack Arnal

Originally published at: Jedi Counsel Episode 112 – Doctor Who and Psychology with Dr. Jack Arnal | Jedi Counsel

Katie spoke to Dr. Jack Arnal, an Associate Professor of Psychology and Zombie Science Instructor, about how he uses pop culture to teach college classes. First, he talked about the interesting pathway that led him to cognitive psychology and the similarities between teaching and stand-up comedy. Next, he shared how he got involved with the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science. Then, we discussed Dr. Arnal’s first-year college seminar on Doctor Who and Metacognition (including explanations of concept mapping, semantic networks, and a variety of evidence-based studying approaches). We concluded with a discussion about the ways that pop culture can be a useful tool in education (e.g., by contributing to transfer of learning). If you like what you hear, please consider leaving a review on iTunes or telling a friend about us. Thank you so much for listening!

For more information:

Dr. Jack Arnal’s website and Twitter page

Dr. Arnal’s Doctor Who and Metacognition blog post

Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science

The Learning Scientists website

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