Death & The Afterlives

Originally published at: Death & The Afterlives - Otaku Ryōhō - Geek Therapy

Gian and Josué talk about death & the afterlives using Dragon Ball Z as illustration. What happens after we die? The question yields more questions than answers. The hosts talk about their personal beliefs and how those beliefs influence how they go about their lives. As the conversations develop, they explore religious diversity and how it affects our collective view of death. They end up playing a game where they rewrite Dragon Ball replacing its “death & afterlives lore” with our own to find out how that would change the story.

Talking Points: Religion, Spirituality, Jung, Death, Afterlives, Philosophical Materialism, Reincarnation, Christianity, Shinto, Buddhism,

Anime Mentioned: Dragon Ball Z/ Dragon Ball GT/ Dragon Ball Super


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