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Round #2: Josué presents the topic of Japanese Culture and how anime functions (and sometimes fails to function) as a window into a culture that we would otherwise have no exposure to. He begins the discussion talking about informational boxes in the anime Excel Saga that would explain jokes that lacked context for western audiences. They then discuss their doubts on whether they have a correct idea of what Japanese culture is like. Gian proceeds to talk about his experience as a tourist in Japan and his perception of how expectations built around anime measured up to his lived experience. They talk about the common mistakes often made when translating Japanese culture into American Culture (Such as the false analogy of Northern and Southern Japan to Northern and Southern US). The conversation then deviates to Japanese spirituality, Yokai culture and the impact of anime on Japanese culture.

Talking Points: Japanese Culture, Japan Travel, Language Barriers, Osaka, Cultural Exchange, Translation and Interpretation of Japanese Language and Culture, Japanese Style, Public Transport in Japan, Japanese Mascots, Cultural Displays of Affection, Japanese Holidays: Christmas, Valentines’ day, White Day.

Anime Mentioned: Excell Saga, Fruits Basket, Azumanga Daioh, Full Metal Alchemist

Non-Anime Mentions: Death Stranding, Terrace House, Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, Yokai Watch

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